Customs Clearance

Mission Statement

"ADL provide professional Customs Clearance declarations, specialising in the port of Felixstowe. Our Felixstowe based facilities enable efficient customs declarations with minimal interruptions to clearance times."

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance entails preparing documentation for HMRC. On receipt of documentation a review will take place, and the rate of clearance will be determined.

Clearance Routes

Clearance routes direct the next step, or summarise the progress of an entry. Below are some route definitions:

  • Route 0 – Awaiting response from another government system.
  • Route 1 – Further documents or supporting evidence required.
  • Route 3 – Automatic clearance, following additional documents.
  • Route 6 – Immediate clearance.


In order to declare cargo to HMRC, the importer must provide these documents and information:

  • Packing list
  • Sales invoice
  • Commodity code
  • VAT number
  • EORI number

New to importing? Download our sample Packing List or Sales Invoice:
Packing List / Sales Invoice Template


In order for ADL to provide customs formalities, authorisation from the importer’s supplier is required. Please see the below template for an example, feel free to send this to your supplier:

Ports we serve

  • Tilbury
  • Southampton
  • Dover
  • London Gateway
  • Felixstowe
  • Liverpool
  • Thamesport
  • Harwich